To Be A Woman: Lesson 1

AfricanFeminism (AF)

I am a life-long student. This a report of the lessons I have learnt.

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I learnt that I should always sit with my legs together. That a lady does not sit with her legs apart- it is bad manners, they said. I learnt that shame was lodged in between my legs. My brother learnt to sit with his legs apart. That a man only sits with his legs wide spread-it is a show of dominance, they said. He learnt that power was lodged between his legs.

They taught me that my womb defines me, but I had no say in matters concerning my womb. That motherhood was to be my top most aspiration. That, and to be a wife. I learnt to compete for the attention of men. That competition was healthy if I emerged as the most beautiful, and to be desired by a man is the true affirmation…

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Wiser now

I believe every experience is always a learning curve. My past relationship was not any different.I would be more than accurate to say that it was debatably one of the longest I have ever been in. How people manage to do it for more than that remains a puzzle in my mind. All the same, …



It is so close to ‘friendzone’ and almost closer to ‘unrequited love’. My definition for an emotional fluffer therefore would be using your girlfriend or boyfriend as bait with the knowledge that you will not marry them. This is actually true. By the time you say that you love every inch of someone by how they treat you, someone else was actually hurt because they helped mould them to be great. You just found a masterpiece but with no idea of how much art work someone put into it. Infact, thank their exes. This generation is tricky so stay woke! Let’s talk about fluffers and please if you are used as one, abort! Run! Dejar la solo! From the beginning, agree if its friendship or the future. People are not stepping stones.

Boyfriend fluffers they are literally everywhere. They are boyfriends without a reward. So in campus there was this…

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Zozi and Xobi

    I feel like all stories are really conversations in one form or another. With this in mind, I created two characters namely Zozi and Xobi and I intend to tell stories, real stories and real experiences while incorporating some sense of humour through these two beautiful characters. Zozi and Xobi have been through …


The fact that everyone has their own unique journey has brought me a lot of understanding and insight. I see people this days and I immediately begin to visualize a journey; different journeys of course but all in all leading to the same destination. In that instance I realize that maybe while we are here …

The world owes you nothing.

So accurately captured.


Artwork By The KenyanBookJunkie Artwork By The KenyanBookJunkie

“Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.” – Aesop

I guess this is my somewhat vague attempt at explaining my hiatus for the past one month. I lost focus, I listened to the voices around me and I let my vision get faltered.

You see, everyone around you has a certain image of who you are and what you ought to be. Most people think that you could do so much better by doing things different which simply translates to doing things their way.

While some of these people usually have your best interest at heart, it is vital to remember that it is always up to you. The choices that you make, the path that you take are and ought to be your own prerogative. There is no right or wrong way to live life, we were never meant to be…

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Bus Life

I am happy and grateful this Friday. A lot of things have been happening lately and am learning to gain control over those many situations. A day prior to this was characterized by a chaotic start but towards the end of it was quite blissful. I draw my inspiration for writing this piece from the …